Welcome to the site of Dr Paul Kendrick a researcher at the University of Salford. I am also a musician, songwriter and sound engineer. This a virtual container of stuff I get up to, including my audio and acoustic projects, my programming projects, web design and my various musical projects too. I live in Manchester, Uk, near stockport, I am passionate about being creative, and learning things. You can get hold of me by sending me a message here.

My research interests include, machine audition, bio-acoustics and room acoustics. Machine audition is the development of algorithms which are able to interpret and sounds.  The obvious one is speech recognition, but my interests lie in the detection and recognition of non-speech sounds.  for interest in detecting recording errors in user generated content. I have recently developed systems which are able to detect errors caused by wind noise, distortion and handling noise. The purpose of these algorithms reduce the time-cost required to audition audio for content producers. The algorithm will search a database of sounds and flag up problem recordings with out having to manually audition everything. As more and more amateur footage is being used in professional broadcast, these systems will be extremely useful.  The other application is to detect the errors at the source, while recording, and provide alerts to operators. This is help recordists to produce better quality material at the outset.

My music interests is rooted in the creative application of technology. I use ableton live in my band semitt falls, to incorporate live electronics and samples and loops without pre-recorded backing tracks. I play guitar keyboards and poke buttons on a launch pad.  See my musical bio for more details.

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