Spent a good few hours last night getting to grips with ableton live and the new semitt set up.

So I connected ableton live to an ultra nove keyboard, which I can use either as a midi controller or using the internal sounds.  Connected a novation launch pad to ablton (on a mac) which I have set up just to play different sections of the song.  Then connected a korg pad control to trigger some cool stutter effects on the drums hopefullly vocals.

Here is a video, of my first attempt, difficult to play all this stuff while holding a phone!  haha,  well its a first stab, next stage is to try some live looping, i.e. recording loops on the fly and then moving on to be able to play something else over the top and then layer things up!

Meeting up with everyone tonight to have go at all this stuff, someone else can hold the camera this time!

Oh and if anyone has any experience using ableton live, let us know, what did you use it for and how.

Cheers big ears