Well recording for the semitt album started in january, it’s now the end of may! The actual recording was finished a few months ago and what was left was alot of editing/ additions mixing. When you have an idea how you want something to sound but perhaps haven’t done that kind of thing before there is certainly a learning curve. I’ve learnt quite a bit over the past few months, the most important thing I learnt though is how to listen critically and form opinions very quickly. I think these two things are most important in production.
The new version of cubase 6.5

is a godsend in time saving, the automatic audio editing features save loads of time. While not perfect, the provide a great start to which you can tweak.
I also learnt alot about drum mixing, and I think I got a great sound, I surprised a couple if people when I said I recorded them in my rehearsal space, they’d be even more surprised if they went to the rehearsal space. On some of the recordings if you solo some vocal tracks you can just about make out another band rehearsing some thin Lizzy covers in the background!!! Haha I think it adds to it really.

I think I may upload a little guide based on what I have learnt about drum mixing, I used the trigger plugin on the snare kick and toms but mixed carefully with the original and sample sounds to keep the character of the kit so it sat well with the overheads, I think that unless I record in a better quality space I will have to continue to use trigger, the room really does make a difference in recording drums. Our room is quite dead,but there is some lie frequency coloration from the floor ceiling distance, everything is covered in curtains but there is still something undesirable there… Would love to record in a proper drum room…..
Anyway I’ll post some more about the process soon.

in the mean time check out:


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