In 2005, decided that I had had enough of writing music solo and that I wanted to join a band, so I answered an ad on partysounds asking for a guitarist for an Alternative metal band called All My Lies.  I first met Ant sing and guitarist and Steph the drummer at the sailsbury on oxford road armed with some CDs of my music.  I was asked back for an audition and met Mike the bassist and after a few weeks was asked to join the band.  We had our first gig at retro bar, here is a few shots of that night:

The guys in AML rented a rehearsal space in Mossley, it was pretty spartan with just tarp handing from the ceiling making a tent.  In the winter is was freezing cold so we decided to build a room inside the unit. took us about 3 or 4 months, but we did it well! A raised floor, with cavity wall insulation, keep us warm in the winter, here are some shots of project;

We recorded our demo ep up at the unit and at the university of Salford studios.

After joining All My Lies i started collaborating with Ant and we wrote a number of tracks together which I believe is some of the best music I have produced. An example of which is track called rose, written after the passing of my granddad victor, called Rose, here is the ep with rose the first track;

We played a number of gigs up till 2006 where we disbanded, we recorded one of our acoustic gigs with a pretty awesome cover of starlight by muse: