So having submitted the album to this digital music distribution company called zimbalam, I am quite impressed with them.  The process goes as follows, chose your package, single or album, (19 or 29 quid it cost to submit)  Add all the details, it allows you to add your own ISRC codes (codes which are assigned to individual tracks to identify, the track/artist/country/year/label ) ours are GB – 3TV (our label) – then year (12) and the release number for that year (0-8).  Then you upload the wav files, (so mp3 here), check and double check all the details and submitt!  The submitt to:
















i have no idea this many sources to buy music existed!!!  You can also pick your price for the album.  At Semitt Falls, we have decided that making the music available via as many outlets as possible is the important factor, not the money.  Clearly if we were doing this to make money, we would be making bland pop ballads rather than metal-dubstep-drum n bass rock (I have no idea/care what genre we are).  So lets make it as fricking available as possible, buy beg borrow steal, its all good.  Obviously making money would be nice as then we could by more game boys and smaplers to use to make more music, so if you want to give us some money then do!  But that is why we are also going to make up a load of CDS and give them away too.  Some may think that this business model is a stupid idea, I say that is a stupid thing to say as we are not a business, we are band, we make music for fun, cos we like it, we dont actually know if anyone is going to like our CD.  But what we can say is that, in 2012 we made Cd and we thought it was good and we are proud of it.  All this is not without some thought of the future, well if we do sell some stuff great, but we are just getting started, we want to get the Semitt Falls name out there, so thats what we are trying to do.  Come to one of our gigs, you’ll probably have a great time and we will usually give some merch away too.  I like to think of it as a loss leader, 

youve gotta be in it to win it!

Kenders – out