Are you a drummer based in Manchester uk? Are you up for making music that takes influence from rock, metal, drum n bass, drubstep, reggae, and hip hop? Do you like cake, cats, rabbits, horses, and other such things? If there answer is yes, then let’s eat some cake!

Seriously though, we’re looking for a Conga Player who is interesting, has a good groove, likes to experiement with music, can play to a click track and is happy to be involved within the writing/ideas process.

We been told we sound a lot like Rage Against The Machine meets Enter Shikari meets Beastie Boys whilst having a chat to Pendulum.

Link to Some more tracks!!! Contact us through our Facebook: Beware monsters facebook

or email


We have our own rehearsal room in central Manchester and practice once a week. All we ask is that you are dedicated, have a good sense of humour, can actually play well, are not racist/homophobic/misogynistic or egotisical.

We have an album recorded so material is not an issue and we’d like to get up and running with gigs pretty quick!

Send us a video of you playing or recordings and we can get together to have a jam.