So it may seem to be pretty quiet on the Semitt Falls front but we can assure you that it’s not quiet in the background.

As some of you know we recently lost our bassist and clean vocalist Craig for reasons outside of the band.  We then spoke and decided to carry on and to look for a replacement on the bass front.
We held auditions for bassists and organised 4 bassists from the Manchester area.  Only 3 bassists made it and we decided on Sidge Rushton to fill the boots.

We are now re-working some of our songs because Craig played a major part as a vocalist, Jay is now re-writing parts to suit the songs.  As well as re-working, we have started to write new material and hopefully you will be able to hear it in January if you come out to see us – which brings us to our next bit of news…

Semitt are going on a small UK tour with two bands we met at The Surface Festival Internation Final in London.  We will be visiting London, Birmingham, Bristol, Manchester and Stoke so make sure you come out and see us!!

We do want to head up to Scotland, over to Wales and also head to Europe eventually!