Hey guys,

So the album is complete and available to buy from all the great digital download sites, or you can come to our gig and get it for free.  If you live in Manchester UK you can pop along to Piccadilly Records and see if they have any left!!

First bit of news is we have another gig lined up at Jabez Clegg in Manchester for the Semi Final of Surface Festival.  We are playing on the 19th July with Freek, Shotgun Boulevard, He Who Dares, Blackmamba, and Severance.  If you can’t make it for any reason you can always show your support by a text vote as follows;
NORTH 2033 to 64343.
Please remember to include a space between the area and the band’s
unique number otherwise we will not be able to use your vote. All band
numbers must contain four digits (i.e. 1234). 16+. Texts cost £1.00 plus
standard network charges. Please get permission from the bill payer. 

Second bit of news is we having started the writing process again, having been playing our eight songs for so long it’s about time we introduced some more Semitt dubcore madness into our set.  Paul has started something new and has set us a lovely challenge playing Drum n Bass is 7/8 time instead of standard 4/4….so thanks to Paul for that 😉

Keep your ears and eyes open for future Semitt time signiture madness!!

Oh yes and we now have badges, which you can get at gigs!!

Jay – Vocals & Synths