Firstly we would like to again welcome our newest member, Sam Johnson on drums.  He pretty much owned the audition and we cant wait for you all to hear him play.

In other news Semitt Fall’s very own lead-shouty-man, Jay, has just become a dad, which is awesome, So Congrats to Jay and Amy!
Speaking of bears…… the Bear Heads EP has been actually been released, have a listen and if you could share it around that would be lovely:

We will be writing new material and practicing furiously and then get back to gigging asap, we have many ideas, all of them silly.

Plans are afoot to incorporate live looping of guitar into the set, which is exciting like this guy, but with less flat-cap and more wubz….

We are also thinking about added more live keys to the set, and live brass!  Of course what is planed and what will happen are two entirely different things and it will likely be very different, either way we are all looking forward to finding out what it will sound like!