Now I will be the first to admit that I am not really up to scratch on the whole electronic music making ability.

But we have decided as a band to drop the backing track because we have felt we have had so many problems with decent sound.  We are now switching to a more live and on the fly loop based system.  A part of this system will be the use of Ableton Live.

Kenders, Danny, and I got together on Sunday to start sorting out our new set up and the three of us all had a go at a brand new writing process.  Kenders pretty much wrote a Dr Dre style chorus, Danny wrote something pretty dark, and I…well I just wrote a happy hardcore/gabba tune?!  But all I can say is that it was a fun process instead of being something I normally find difficult, stressful and slightly disheartening.  So it was a really positive thing for us.

Anyway I got some lovely advice from our resident Doctor of Sound (Kenders) and have set up Ableton Live on my laptop and tonight I decided to sit down and figure out some recording techniques on it.

Guess what…I recorded something the same way we did in Cubase…Epic Win for me!!

It’s not amazing what I have come up with but it’s definately a start for me.

I will stop blabbing on now, oh and one last thing my MC name is M3P or Mo Money Mo Problems :) – the others can tell you theirs, if they are not able to act their age.