I made a max for live plugin that lets me loop midi clips in a similar manner to the audio loop device in Ableton.  But allows me to have recording quantise.

Isn’t this what everyone wants?


PK’s Midi Looper plugin.

Screenshot 2014-11-30 16.04.08

I wanted something that did a similar thing to the Ableton looper plugin but for midi, and allowed recording with quantise.

This plugin is a simple device which when placed on a midi track uses the first clip on that track as a loop, Button Behaviour:

Play/Stop, plays and stops the clip playback, (uses the song’s quantise settings)

Rec, arms the track for recording, but also activates the overdub function and if the clip is not playing, plays the clip too.

Clear removes all midi info from the clip and also stops playback

May look at adding more functionality if I need it (clip length according to button press, multiple loops etc….)