Musical Biography

for a number of years I existing in a reclusive state writing music on my computer, using so called ‘tracker’ programs, before braving the outside world when I was 24 and answering an ad on the interweb asking for a guitarist for an alternative rock band.  This turned out to be one of the best things I ever did and took me down a wonderful path making some great life long friends and getting to perform for hundreds of people both my own songs and others.  Anyway here is a rough guide to my musical journey.

Kenders – Pure – Circa 2000

So while at school in my earlier years I used to mess around on the amiga using the tracker program OctaMed, I doubt I have anything left from this period and it is likely for the best, however I developed In affinity for the style of writing music and automation of filters which involved typing in long lists of hexadecamal code, good times… so when it came later in life about 1999 and I revisited my interest in writing music I looked for a piece of software that made be feel at home and that was Modplug tracker and later Psycle.   So I wrote a bunch of tracks while sat in a dirty old house in a dirty street in Moss Side, Manchester and called the album Pure, it was fun to do and I quite like some of the tracks but it was certainly a first stab in the dark for me, here is the album:


Kenders – Post – Pure 2001 – 2005

I then started messing around with different types of software, in particular I started using cubase, and adding guitar and recorded sounds that I had captured from stange places, such as hanging a mic output my window to record traffic, placing a mic under an umbrella to record rain. Then messing with the sounds to make them rhythmical or tuneful. Here are a few tracks that I produced in this time.


Blastfony 2004

Myself and a friend of mine, Jay Kane then formed an electro rock Duo, with the very clever name of blastfony (no it wasnt).  Anyway we had some fun messing around and even played one gig. Unfortunately I was doing some singing and it turns out im not very good at singing!

All My Lies 2004 – 2006 – detailed BIO

I then decided I wanted to do more musical things and thought I’d join a band. So I answered an ad on partysounds, looking for a 2nd guitarist for an alternative rock band called all my lies, having generally been a bed room guitarist apart from about three gigs, this seemed a brave step.  So I met Ant and Steph in a pub in Manchester armed with CDs of my various wibbles and riffs. They seemed very nice and it turns out steph was impressed though Ant wasn’t, but I got an audition, in a scary old mill! I learnt three tracks, added y own parts to them and did my best.  And after about two weeks as asked to join.  This was a shock to my system being a proper band, every one was very proactive and we got set on trying to take over the world.  We didn’t but we wrote some awesome songs and I met some lifelong friends in the process.  here is some AML:

and a live recording of an acoustic set we played in leveshulme:

Halt Under Heavy Fire 2008 – 2010

After All My Lies disbanded I carried on playing live regularly with my friends I had met through AML, playing covers at a number of pubs, and even a festival, we called our selves twisted originals. But I still missed writing original music, My friend Ant sent me an ad he found I answered it, it turned out to be Jay who I played in blastfony with. They were looking for a guitarist for their post hardcore band HALT UNDER HEAVY FIRE, so I joined, and played gigs around Manchester for about 2 years and had some fun and some frustration. Here is our demo ep:

The Audiopimps 2008 – present

After AML ant joined a local covers band who my work friend Jon Hargreaves played in, as the singer. He managed to engineer me joining the band and I became their lead guitarist.  I have now played with them for 6 years, playing weddings, parties, corporate dos, pubs and many other places.  Here is us in action;

Worlds of Polaris 2010 – 2012

While playing with HUHF I began jamming with some friends luke, gray and matt, this band then became worlds of polaris, we recruited Craig Gilroy to sing and release and ep called north:

we also made a video:

Semitt Falls 2010 – present day

After HUHF imploded some of the remaining member decided to forma new band.  We wanted to do something a little different and be an electro metal dance band.  After ALOT of experimentation we settled on an way of writing which was what ever makes us laugh and dance works.  Up to now we have release an album and ep, we are currently looking for a new vocalist.  Here is some Semitt falls:

and our bear heads ep: