So I finally bought a ‘proper’ guitar amplifier, it is a mesa boogie mini rectifier. A 20 watt head and 1 x 12 cab. It looks just like the double/single rectifier amps, with a 4×12 cab but shrunk by 75%. There is no other word for it apart from cute!

I played a gig on Saturday in the worlds most echoey room and even there it sounded great. I am currently experimenting with using ableton live as an effects unit through the fx loop, and so far having some great effects. I have looping running great now, though the effects loop appears to be post-master fader. this means that the level that is sent TO the effects unit is controlled by the master volume. The effect of this is that once I have a loop running, changing the master volume does not effect the volume of loops! This is most confusing, but as long as the amp is set to the correct volume it shouldn’t matter I guess!

Despite this amps size, it really packs a punch, I played the whole gig in 10watt power amp mode, and it was more than loud enough. Looking forward to creating some pretty awesome tones now.

I have a pod x3 which I want to use as a multieffects unit, but I cant seem to get it to work, if any one has any ideas?