Semitt Falls has been busy writing some new material and getting up to speed with older material with Sam on Kit.  Old tracks are sounding pretty awesome and new tracks equally cool!

 Just ordered an Akai APC40 for controlling additional effects.

We have got guitar looping up and running, using a Beheringer FCB1010 footpedal to control Ableton’s built in looper.  Some issues with the triggering of loops as because we have ableton live’s quantise setting set to 2 bars, to trigger the loops I must press a switch before I intend it to be triggered.  This is a little counter-intuitive, a little like trying to tap your foot out of time with the music, but with practice it seems to be coming together.  
Tried to use a Boss-FC-50 midi pedal, which is very compact, but unfortunately it only transmits midi program bank changes.  The FCB1010 transmits most msg types, but only on one channel at a time.  I had wanted to rig up my guitar sound through stutter edit,  to glitch up the guitar in realtime, like an effect, this is stutter edit:

However stutter edit is controlled via a keyboard so I would have to come up with a keyboard splitter via something like midipipe, to split the looper pedal controls to output on one channel while putting some stutter edit controls on another.  That seems a little complicated and there is loads of room for it to go wrong, so I may try using Live’s beat-repeat function instead, see what kind of interesting effects I can get that way.