This page summarises various project I have undertaken involving computer programming in a various languages. Usually having some audio, acoustics or machine learning related angle.

The Good Recorder – iOS app – Objective C and C -2014

This project is related to my work at the University of Salford, I am involved in an EPSRC sponsored 3 year project whose aim is to develop automatic algorithms for assessing the audio quality of user generated content.  In some of our work we discovered that microphone wind noise was one of the biggest problems related to this type of content. So we carried out some subjective tests and then I developed an algorithm which is able to detect wind noise and alert the user to the presence of this noise.

Wind noise detection c / c++ open source detector – 2014

This program automatically analyses .wav files and detects regions where there may be microphone wind noise. Wind noise is known to degrade the quality of outdoor recordings and causes problems with hearing aids. This tool could be used when there are a large number of recordings of a particular source, for example clips of recordings from mobile devices of an outdoor concert (user generated content). This tool can quickly analyse the audio from each to determine samples with the least amount of wind noise and therefore of the highest quality.The wind noise detection algorithm also provides time stamps identifying the regions which are free of wind noise. This can allow producers to quickly stitch together content from multiple sources, or flag regions where extra processing such as noise reduction is required.

Real time synthesis of a plucked guitar string using physical modelling techniques. – 2003

The project dissertation I undertook for my Msc Audio Acoustics course was titled “Real time synthesis of a plucked guitar string using physical modelling techniques.” This involved using the DirectX SDK and the direct X instrument (DXi) SDK to create a real time playable virtual instrument.

Simulation of a magnetic recording medium – final year UG project – 2001

My final year project dealt with the storage capacity of a magnetic data storage device and how to get the most out of such a device. The objective of this project was to produce computer model that simulates the way in which data is written to a magnetic medium.