So Semitt decided to record a video, We have a tune called ‘musak’, and four of our friends very kindly offered to help with filming.  We recorded the audio first on Wednesday, all live, no backing synth tracks, what we played we played.  Considering the amount of  production, samples and synths, this is no mean feat.  Videoing started with set up on sunday morning, we had made our own DMX lighting controller, unfortunately it wouldn’t work.  Something to do with a grounding issue as exactly the same set up worked at home, although plugging in the arduino to the dmx causes the track pad on my mac to stop working so there is clearly a problem here!

Se we just set the lights to be on full, white and got cracking.  We recording full performances of the track, from multiple angles.  We wanted the video to demonstrate what it is we are trying to do so we also filmed some of the set up and pack down so people can see how it is we are using the technology.  We are now editing the video down and will have ready in the next few weeks.

We used three DSLRs, one Nikon, and two cannons, D550 and D600, a plethora of lenses, including the obligatory fish eye, although we didn’t do any kick-flips so maybe we aren’t allowed to use that footage.

We have been looking for vocalist for a while now and we have auditioned a few people but while some have been very good (and some not at all) we haven’t found that right person.  So as we all really enjoy working together we have decided to carry on and develop a sound that could work with or without a vocalist.  We havent given up looking for someone, but we now have a sound that will work even if we dont have one.  So if you like the video and are interested in joining the band, send us a message