Rehearsal last night was fun, always is in Semitt.  WE set up the Hard disk based multitrack system, released in 1999, its based on the older reel to reel multi-tracks.
We have been using a macbook with logic’s mainstage but its let us down a number of times now, so we thought it was time to figure something more reliable.
The D108 is great as it has ADAT in and out and we hooked that up to the Saffire pro 40 firewire sound card.

The cool thing about the Saffire is it works without a laptop so we set up a headphone mix for danny using the laptop, then saved it to hard ware and unplugged the laptop, and now we have a standalone system.
Fricking love hardware solutions, it may be old, but it just works…..
We have a surprise for ya’ll at our gig next week too…… Im not telling, but it’s gonna be ace.
P.k.  out