We got reviewed didnt we now!!


4/5 stars, well take that!  Thanks to  MRU’s Stephen White for taking the time to listen to our madness.

It’s funny, different people seem to like different things on this album, but I guess thats cos we have just crammed in a billion genres, this not particularly by design.  We write music that makes us laugh, and have fun, we turn up to rehearsal, Kenders will have spent 7 minutes before rehearsal writing a silly little ditty that he thinks will be funny, and then we spend rehearsal turning it into a song and generally having a good time.  We like to think this comes across on the CD, and we hope it comes across live too.

Speaking of live, we have another gig, with those smelly fools in Worlds of Polaris:

thursday 16th Aug


Come down, itll be minty sminty!