Howdy all,

My Band Semitt Falls is competing in the final of the international
music competition at the 02 indigo in London this weekend (Sat 29th
Sept).  It has been a fun journey to get to this point, getting
through 4 previous rounds in Manchester to be the only band from
Manchester to go to London.  We must thank everyone who voted for
us, came to see us, waved glow-sticks around and sent a text on our

On Saturday there will be a load of music industry professionals to
hear us play so this is a great opportunity in many ways.  Firstly
the competition, there are three industry judges, who will mark us
based on a number of criteria including, performance, crowd
interaction, crowd reaction, song arrangement, etc etc.  So having a
good crowd reaction is important, so for us the more ‘biased’
members of the audience the better! haha. 

If you are around London this next Saturday (29th), it would be
great if you could make it down.   Tickets are £24.25 available only
from here:

Unfortunately we wont we know when we are on until the day but we
will announce it on our twitter and Facebook as soon as we know,
which will be when we arrive at the arena around 8am.  The doors
open at 10:30 am and there are about 40 bands playing.

Our twitter page is the best place for the most up to date news,
we’ll announce our stage time on this as soon as we know.

So the competition is 75% based on the judges votes and 25% based on
the text votes so if you cant make it down if you are able to send a
text or two to vote for us that would be lovely!


North 2033

to 64343

Other than that do please spread the word if you know anyone who is
London based and likes a bit of dub-step-rock-dnb-metal-shouty-man
music we are on myface

I am looking into the possibility of streaming our performance live
here too! :