My final year undergraduate project: Simulation of a magnetic recording medium

My final year project dealt with the storage capacity of a magnetic data storage device and how to get the most out of such a device. The objective of this project was to produce computer model that simulates the way in which data is written to a magnetic medium. The program simulates the effect of the real recording and playback systems on the waveform and the user can follow the process using graphs of the waveform at different points along the process. The Program can be used as a design tool or a teaching aid. The program was written in C++ and runs in a Windows 32 environment with its own graphical user interface. I used various digital signal processing techniques to achieve the final working program, including the fast Fourier transform, the discrete Fourier transform and tapped delay line filtering.

Here is the report I wrote; (pdf)

Third year project report: Simulation of a magnetic recording medium

And the actual program:

PROGRAM – Download – Install Shield (zip)