So we have a couple of gigs coming up this month (August 2012) and it would be amazing if you could get down to see us.  We have a couple of surprises for you guys and gals!

Our first gig is at The Roadhouse in Manchester, if you want to come give us your name and we will guestlist you…yes that’s a free gig to see us and a few other bands play.

Secondly we have made it through to the Regional Showcase of Surface Festival at Manchester Academy on the weekend of 31st August/1st September.  Keep in touch and we will give you details!

Thirdly we have been talking about doing a music video, coming up with some funny and interesting ideas, now we just need to pen it and get it going.  It will be being shot in the centre of Manchester, UK so we will let you know when and you can come down and have a laugh, and even be in it!

Hope to see you soon!!