Hey guys,

Just a quick update, Semitt Falls made it through the regional showcase in Manchester tonight and we are going to be playing in the IndigO2 in London on the 29th September 2012!!!

We would like to thank every single person who has come to support us at the gigs as well as everyone who has taken the time to vote by text, it means a hell of a lot to us all!!

We have come a long way as a band and it’s really exciting to say we have made it to the finals of Surface Festival 2012. 

We have worked very hard to get here so it’s a great relief that our hard work and dedication is paying off.

In other news we are playing at The Retro Bar in Manchester on the 24th September with Dead Til Friday, who are awesome!!  They are from Ireland and are rap metal, so come and have a dance with us!!

Keep checking back for more details on both gigs!!