Hi all,
So we changed our setup again,

I now run ableton live and control the daw using an ipad using daw remote hd software.

It works well however I have been experiencing issues at gigs where the wifi connection fails. I suspect it is the cheap router we use getting lost with all the wifi signals floating around. I’ve also added guitar rig for my guitar sound with automated patch changes. I am not particulary impressed with the speed of the patch changes. There is a very noticeable delay, the only way round would appear to load an instance of guitar rig per sound I use, then use an effects rack in ableton. That seemed quite wasteful.

I also experienced problems with abletons implementation of patch change messages, you can send these, but I noticed that certain combinations of stopping scenes and playing again would confuse the system and it would fail to switch patches. I found a way round by using midi notes and using piz midiconverter3 to change the messages to patch change messages;


Strange workaround but it got the job done!

Finally I’ve started using midi guitar,


To control native instruments massive using my guitar, it is a polyphonic guitar to midi program. I use the standalone version and route midi into ableton, as the software is beta, but It is amazing the tracking is as good as my gr55 gk3, and it all works over wireless! Outstanding!

The portomento or glide in the synth doesnt seem to work that well, so I added a midi plugin that quantised the length of the notes, that allowed the glide to work nicely, though its a bit of a pain as I have to manually turn on and off the effect, I havent quite worked out how to automate turning on and off a plugin! only a matter of time!

I use a sennhiser evolution 300 g1 wireless iem system, which is quite old, but lets you work in focus mode, which allows you to use two recievers in mono mode with two different mixes, and its really good!  took a while to get the mixes right, realised that ableton track was set to all pre fader, which meant as the FOH mix changed so does our mixes, now our mixes are great and its quite fun playing with in ears!