So we went on tour with, Tussk and Syren City, Two bands we met doing the surface festival final, who are mint btw!  We played five dates, London, Birmingham, Bristol, Manchester and Stoke.  This was a collection of a load of first for semitt falls.  First time on tour.  First gig with sidge our new bassist.  First gig with the new set up with adds more interaction with the live electronics.  First time we played our new set.  The list goes on!

The tour itself was great, after a shakey start to the first night, with some technical issues and a lack of attendance, Birmingham was great fun; heres some shots of us in brum:

Bristol was awesome, we ere on first but a fair few people showed up early and we had the crowd ‘8-mile-ing’ as was Manchester and stoke! Sidge is a great addition to the band, who has already contributed a song to the rep.

We managed to keep it interesting by playing a different set each night, and also writing some new little cover spinets whilst on the road.  (think tetris and countdown themes)

The new songs went down well, I Know Bear heads which was literally written the week before was quite popular.  So we are gonna try and record it soon as.
There may have been a small 
amount of bemusement towards our new direction track which mixes ‘ drum and bass hop hop with 80s pop and has no guitars!.  But we enjoyed playing and writing it, and its good to do different stuff!  The novation ultranova is fricking awesome.

 Technical success 
Any way on all counts it was a success.  The new technical set up had some hitches, there were a couple of glitches here and there that made the music skip briefly.  But hey we soldiered on and kept bouncing and it was fine.  I may need a new mac, mine is a 2006 model and that makes it quite old!  Playing with in-ears is a first too.  Personally I found it really good, there are some issues with people’s mixes randomly changing and broken ear phones, but the prinicipal is sound.  It is pretty cool all starting a song simultaneously with no warning to the audience!  Rob was doing the mixing for us this gig and that was not with out its problems, but I think we are getting on top of them now.  Some feedback problems did cause some issue at a couple of gigs, yet some were fine.  Easier feedback reduction method is required.  Mixing via an ipad was a success, and once we turned off the multiband compression, it was actually quite easy (rob said).

There is so much more that we want to do though, like having live loops of guitar etc, add other instruments loop the bass etc etc.  But i suspect my mac isn’t up to it……

Recording this weekend, well looking fwd to that!