I have made a few websites, most of the time I try to experiment and use a different method each time, here are a few examples,  some sites may get taken down in time, so I took a wee screen grab of each:

www.thehooch.co.uk – this is the website for one of my cover bands called the hooch, I made this website first in photoshop them using dreamweaver and a combination of php/html and css. – 2013 the hooch website
http://www.goodrecording.net – The Good recording project, this is the website for the project I am working on at the university of salford, it is about trying to better understand how people perceive the quality of audio of user generated content and then how to automatically rate the quality of clips, it is written in word press, with a custom (hacked about) template. – 2012 good recording website screen gr
http://www.daisycarconultancy.co.uk This is a website I made for a friend of mine, for her new business.  It was written (mostly) from scratch using photoshop, dreamweaver and css/php/html – 2014 Dasiy care consultants
 http://www.growingsounds.sound101.org This was a website I made when I was part of a project which did some school science communication, it uses a hacked about css template.- 2008  Growing sounds
www.semittfalls.com – This is a website I made for my band Semitt Falls, it is was in photoshop, with various widgets inserted to make up the content. – 2010  Semittfalls.com
sound matters  Website I made for the public engagement project I was part of, bit of flash css php in this one. – 2008  Sound Matters