Well now, we aint got any gigs booked for a while so we are taking this opp to write some new tunes, and mess with our set up.  We are gonna move away from using a backing track and start using ableton live two keyboards, an mpc and a pletherea of midi controllers to make the semitt falls experience a truly live one.  We are currently experimenting with set ups and ideas and will decide on a set up shortly.  Currently it looks like we’ll be running ablton live, building up live loops from the mpc, and using our ultranova and micokorg to play the electronics, just got hold of a novation launchpad, which is midi controller for ableton live that lets you build up loops on the fly, check it out.

So we need to go into the semitt falls labs and work really hard to put this all together and then figure out a way that lets us set up in 20 mins and not give the sound engineer a heart attack!