Well now we played surface festival yesterday. We didn’t come in the top three unfortunately. But we did rock it!Here is a shot that makes us look well awesome! Haha brilliant stuff.

The day started very early at 8am, Danny and I got a taxi to the fine from our hotel and met up with Craig and jay.

We were shown to our green room, which was the outside! Haha, then sound check started and we found out the running order, we were on pretty early but someone has to be I guess, our friends in the north a41 were with us and were on even earlier but rocked the stage anyway, then after we had played it was a long wait to the end of the night, the standard of the other bands was really high actually and it was all in all a brilliant day. It was funny watching all these bands enjoying it and the internally going “oh crap!!” The band that won, was exactly the band we thought would win, they were outstanding!

We were overwhelmed by the support by our friends and family thanks to the primate dubcore crew for coming down to see us play